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Dental Assistant- Training provided

Alivio Dental - Downers Grove, IL
Posted: July 23, 2021


We are looking for a competent dental assistant who will make the dentist’s office more efficient and pleasant for patients. You’ll ensure excellent customer service and lift administrative and basic dental tasks off the dentist’s shoulders. Dental assistants should be well-organized with great attention to detail. You should be able to follow instructions and respect dental office regulations. We want you to be skilled in providing direct or indirect patient care and able to make office procedures as smooth as possible.


  • Welcome customers in the dental office
  • Prepare customers for treatments or checkups ensuring their comfort
  • Select and set up instruments, equipment and material needed
  • Sterilize instruments according to regulations
  • Assist the dentist through 4-handed dentistry
  • Undertake lab tasks as instructed
  • Provide oral hygiene and post-operative care instructions
  • Keep the dental room clean and well-stocked
  • Schedule appointments
  • Maintain accurate patient records and assist with payment procedures


  • Dental assistant experience is much preferred but not needed. Training will be provided.
  • Good Computer skills are required.
  • Understanding of health & safety regulations
  • Graduating or recent graduates from Dental Assistant and other medical programs are welcome to apply.
  • Excellent communication and people skills
  • Attention to detail
  • Well-organized and reliable
  • High school diploma; graduating from dental assistant school is preferred

For more information visit us at

Alivio Dental

Downers Grove, IL