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Wanted General Dentist, Downers Grove, IL

Alivio Dental - Downers Grove, IL
Posted: May 23, 2022

ASSOCIATE DENTIST WANTED, DOWNERS GROVE, IL: We are actively seeking a motivated and enthusiastic full-time/part-time dentist to join our practice at state-of-the-art facility located in a high-traffic area in Downers Grove. We are a full-service dental practice offering comprehensive dental care.

- Potential to earn more than $200,000.

- Dental coverage for associates and immediate family members.

- Two weeks vacation.

- Friendly & highly efficient staff to help you focus on providing patient care.

- Paperless office & state of the art equipment.

- Tools for efficient treatment planning and presentation to patients.

- Complete freedom over treatment planning.

Send your resume to & visit our website to learn more about Alivio Dental at . 

Alivio Dental

Downers Grove, IL