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Owner Operator - Trucking

Voyager Nation, Inc - Lakeland, FL
Posted: July 7, 2021

When you are looking for a trucking company there are 3 things that come to mind,

  1. Maximum revenue - it comes naturally, the question is how much effort.
  2. Freedom - you are not limited, we'll advise but ultimately its up to you.
  3. Home time - more important to some than not, its there.

If you wish to know how we can make you enjoy trucking more than the last company please contact Christian @ (813) 616-6319. 

Or better yet apply now. This will save you time while we do some research on our backend to lay out your options for you to really see why we are a better fit. This is Voyager Nation and smart trucking is our lifestyle.

Go to to apply online, easy and fast.