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Associate Dentist Full time

Atlanta Dental Group PC - Atlanta, GA
Posted: May 21, 2022

The Atlanta Dental Group PC has an amazing opportunity for a new dental graduate to better learn the Art and Science of Dentistry. This position is much like a general practice residency except that you get paid well and learn a great deal during your associateship experience. Dr. Mark Allan Padolsky has over thirty eight (38) years of dental clinician and university teaching experience and he enjoys mentoring his professional staff. Dr. Padolsky also has seven fellowships and advanced recognitions in Dentistry and incredibly is still working on obtaining three more. The associate will learn:
Molar Endodontics
Oral Surgery
Cosmetic Dentistry
Cerec Crowns
Emergency Dental Care Management and Triage
Implant Dentistry including planning, surgical placement and restorations
Aesthetic Denture Construction
Temporomandibular Disorders (optional)
The Atlanta Dental Group PC owns two CAT scans, a digital panoramic machine, a Cerec system, diode laser, an electrosurgery unit and a full array of dental surgery instruments. Our dental campus has three buildings on the second busiest street in Atlanta, Piedmont Avneue. 
For more information and better details, personally contact Dr. Padolsky at and/or 404-993-8331. The office telephone is 404-874-7428. 
The applicant must hold a Georgia dental license or be eligible to obtain a Georgia Dental License. You can learn more about the Atlanta Dental Group PC at