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Drilling Foreman

DOF Subsea LTD - Houston, TX
Posted: July 2, 2021

About us:

The DOF Subsea Group is a specialist subsea service business that provides subsea construction, subsea engineering, inspection, repair and maintenance and survey services, which involve complex and challenging engineering in an international environment.


We are seeking a Drilling Foreman to join the Drilling and Workover Department.

The Drilling Foreman primary role is to oversee the drilling operations on the DOF Subsea Group leased contractor oil and gas rigs.

Duties & Responsibilities:

You will be required to perform the following:

Supervise and oversee all operations performed on DOF Subsea Group wells on a 24-hour per day, 14/7 or 28/14 work schedule.

Make recommendations on alternative methods or equipment when unusual situations are encountered.

Coordinate deliveries of materials to the well to ensure it is available when required.

Ensure the contractor meets all requirements of his contract.

Work with Drilling and Workover engineers to see that modern drilling practices are followed.

Approve contractor daily tour reports.

Ensure that contractor rigs and equipment are properly maintained to avoid downtime.

Perform other miscellaneous duties as directed by superintend.

Ensure that DOF Subsea Group Blowout Prevention Standards are met in all respects including equipment configuration, testing and crew response.

Assure that rig and personnel comply with DOF Subsea Group established safety standards and procedures.

Minimum Requirements:

As the successful candidate you will hold a Bachelor’s degree in Engineering from a recognized and approved program with seven years of experience working in drilling and workover operations including adequate supervisory experience on a drilling or workover rig.


You will hold a High School degree with Thirteen years of relevant experience in drilling and workover operations including supervisory experience generally acquired by progression on Drilling or workover rig.

As a subject matter expert;

You will have sufficient experience on a drilling rig progressing through the ranks up to drilling foreman.

You will be able to supervise drilling and completion operations of both oil or gas horizontal wells in a safe and efficient manner while following a defined drilling program.



DOF Subsea Group develops individuals through a portfolio of training and development activities designed to help you make the best of your abilities and talents. We encourage participation in all forms of training and have an active programme of in-house and well as external training for all of our engineers. Developing your capability is key to our success, and that is why we place such an importance on it.