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Part-Time Cut & Sew Apprentice

New South Manufactory - Raleigh, NC
Posted: September 1, 2020

Learn to sew like a pro in a small business setting and get a behind the scenes look at Made in USA manufacturing where pride in quality and attention to detail rule. Local sewing manufacturer is seeking individuals to join the production team in an apprenticeship-type position with a direct pathway to regular part-time employment. No age requirement or sewing experience is required to develop specialized skills that will last a lifetime. Quick learners with a sense of urgency and basic mechanical aptitude will succeed in this close-quarters & personal, professional working environment. Primary responsibilities include mastering a specific set of operations to construct finished products from prepared raw materials using a variety of industrial sewing machines. Candidates will participate in one-on-one training for over the course of several startup work periods with the opportunity to be scheduled for regular shifts each week. Compensation begins at $10/hr. All work is performed on site with no option for take-home work. Weekly schedule is flexible. Position is allocated for up to 20 hours per week.

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