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Fitness Advisor

Practice Information Undisclosed Philadelphia, PA
Posted: May 21, 2022

Do you like to workout!!!

OK, how about this... do you like TALKING about working out?

Ever dream about gettin' shredded, swole, jacked, lean, yoked, massive, thick, dense, and chiseled?

Then we got the job for you!! 

We are a fast growing sports supplement company established in 2010 and we are looking to add a couple new Fitness Advisors to the team.

The Fitness Advisor position is a full-time, WORK-FROM-HOME role.

You will be taking inbound and making outbound calls to Bros and Broettes like you who are taking our high quality, game changing, result producing, alpha inducing, mass building sports supplements all while chillin' at home!!! 

Wait what?? No cold calls?? That's right!!! It is only BUYERS!!! They are always looking to get JACKED and SHREDDED to the next level and we are here to help. But you gotta be a STRONG CLOSER.

This is a salary vs. commission job with no earning cap, the more you sell the more you make! Starting pay is $1,500/month (salary) during training and while you build up your client base.

Our average reps have been working here 6+ years and are making $65k/year right now - our top rep is making over $100k!!!! That means you can talk all day about the the hobby you love while making 50k-$75k a year!!! Doesn't get better than that!! 

Even if you don't workout, you can still apply and CRUSH IT in sales - but you gotta be able to talk the talk.

We're looking for folks with a lot of energy, a positive attitude, a good sense of humor, ambitious and of course money motivated!

Does this sound like you? 

If so - send me your resume (use the link above) and we'll talk.

Practice Information Undisclosed

Philadelphia, PA